Pool Builders In Bondi

Dreaming of the perfect pool for your backyard? Talk to our pool builders! Bondi locals can expect superior quality and personalised service from our family team. You will meet directly with Mirco Lepagier (Senator Pools’ owner and director) to discuss your requirements for a new pool. Whether you are short on space, or want to plan how the entire landscape and pool area will work together, we will listen to your ideas in this extensive onsite consultation.

When they talk to our team of talented swimming pool builders, Bondi locals soon see what is possible when you work with an experienced team. Talk to us about:

We put in the effort and care to build the custom pool that you want, rather than simply telling you what’s available. We can use another pool that you love as inspiration, but the end product will always be uniquely tailored to your situation and style.


Creating the Custom Pool Renovations Bondi Locals Love

When you have an existing pool that is outdated or completely worn out, then replacement isn’t the only option. Ask the Senator Pools team about our pool renovations. Bondi locals may find that it’s simple to get the pool that they want by renovating the pool that they already have.

Once we have completed the repairs or resurfacing, we can also give you helpful advice for pool maintenance. This can help to keep your newly renovated pool looking its best for years to come.