Double Bay
Double Bay

Pool Builders In Double Bay

To build your dream pool, you need a team of experienced and reliable pool builders. Double Bay locals who work with Senator Pools can expect personalised service, and superior quality from our family business. When they book their initial consultation with our swimming pool builders, Double Bay locals will be visited by company owner and director Mirco Lepagier, and you can count on Mirco to oversee the build and communicate with you throughout the entire process.

To meet our residential and commercial customers’ diverse needs, we offer a range of pool building services. Ask us about any of the following:


Creating the Custom Pool Renovations Double Bay Locals Love

Sometimes an existing pool just needs a little help to restore it to its former glory. We provide the complete pool renovations Double Bay business owners and homeowners can rely on. By repairing and resurfacing an older pool, you can have one that looks like new, and that will require far less maintenance in the years to come. When you undertake a pool renovation as part of a backyard makeover, you create a stunning outdoor area that’s worthy of your home.