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Swimming Pool Construction Process – Senator Pools

The creation of your swimming pool and outdoor living space takes place over a series of important phases, carefully co-ordinated to ensure the most smooth transition. Particular care is taken through each of the steps to ensure the creation is of the highest quality. The typical construction phases are as follows:

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  • Excavation Process – Phase 1

    The excavation of the ground is the first stage of the construction process. This involves the positioning and setting out of the pool. Our experienced excavators then complete the excavation and in cases of limited access we utilize “mini dig” specialists.

  • Steel Construction and Formwork – Phase 2

    After the plumbing is laid, the shell of the pool is formed via the steelwork and formwork. The pool will slowly start to take shape in readiness for the next stage. Careful planning to maximize the internal dimensions of the pool is taken by Senator Pools during this process and the use of professional concretors is essential

  • Plumbing and Pipework – Phase 3

    Plumbing and pipework takes place after the excavation and the pipework is placed in strategic places to ensure successful operation of the pool once complete. The plumbing is dependent on the design of the pool and Senator Pools ensure that it all works efficiently to your design

  • Concrete Pour and Spray – Phase 4

    With the steel and shell now laid out, the stage 4 concrete pour and spray is done while strengthening the pool structure. At this stage you will visually start to see the pool taking shape. After this stage is complete, we recommend a 3-4 week “curing period” to allow the concrete to achieve its ultimate strength.

  • Landscaping, Coping and Tiling – Phase 5

    Once the internal shell is cured, the surrounding elements of the pool are completed. Coping and tiling is laid out around the surrounding edges of the pool and any features our customers desire are erected and constructed.

  • Fencing and Interior Fitout – Phase 6

    The fencing is installed including all other ancillary works as may be required to complete the pool barrier. Upon certification of the pool fence we then complete the rendered pool lining.

  • Finishing Touches – Phase 7

    Almost there!! Finishing touches are applied including an acid wash of the interior shell lining and surrounding areas if required. This process generally takes place 1 day after the lining process has had time to set. Once complete we’ll be ready to fill your pool with water and have you enjoying your new pool!

  • Fill Pool With Water – Last Phase!

    The final stage is filling the pool with water. The length of this process varies depending on the size of the pool. Generally approximately 2 days. (You’ve made it this far so hang in there folks not long to go Sit back, relax and get ready for the joy your new pool will bring.

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You’ve Made it. It’s ready to go!

Once the pool is filled, get your swimmers on and lets go for a swim! Time to enjoy your new Senator Pools pride and joy.


Invite your friends and family over for some fun and game this coming summer or all year round.

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