Pool Maintenance in Sydney

Senator Pools is proud to be a leading provider of swimming pool maintenance and pool cleaning in Sydney. Our team of pool care technicians understand all the complexities of looking after swimming pools and pool equipment, giving them the knowledge and skills needed to identify and fix faults as soon as possible. We can carry out any type of swimming pool repair service for your pool, getting the problem fixed fast at a fair price.

Chemical & pH Balance Checks

Our pool care technicians will inspect the chemical and pH balance of the water in your swimming pool to ensure it’s safe and comfortable for you and your family to swim in. Maintaining the right pH balance can also stop your equipment from corroding and prevent algae growth.

Equipment Inspection

Senator Pools can conduct an inspection of your pool equipment to determine if it’s functioning correctly. Our swimming pool service will find any issues your equipment might have as early as possible so we can carry out the necessary swimming pool repair service before it’s too late.

Water Surface Cleaning

Senator Pools can brush and skim the surface of your swimming pool’s water to keep it clean. We’ll gather and dispose of any insects, leaves and other types of debris and contaminants to stop germs from spreading and stop your pool’s floor and walls from becoming permanently stained.

Filtration System Maintenance

Checking a pool’s filtration system is one of the most important types of swimming pool maintenance, as it plays a big part in how clean the pool is. Our technicians can clean and unclog your pool’s filtration system to ensure it continues to remove debris and impurities from the water.

Types of Swimming Pool Maintenance We Offer


Water Testing Treatment

Senator Pools can test the water in your swimming pool to determine how clean it is. After the initial inspection, we can treat the water with chemicals that will clean the water and eliminate any dangerous bacteria.


Skimmer & Pump Baskets Inspection

When we carry out our swimming pool service, we’ll thoroughly check and clean your pool’s skimmer and pump baskets. This can help stop any blockages from occurring, ensure the circulation and flow of water and keep your filtration system working properly.


Pool Cleaning & Vacuuming

Our pool care technicians can scrub your swimming pool’s walls and vacuum its floor to make it clean once more. Every bit of dirt, algae, debris and other contaminants will be removed, making your pool look great again!

Satisfied customers

Client Feedback

We engaged Senator Pools for our new pool & spa.  From the first dealing with Mirco & his team we felt confident and comfortable to engage them for the project. When building a pool there are so many obstacles and each time Senator dealt with them and resolved any issue...

Rick Schirripa

New pool & spa

I had the pleasure of meeting Mirco and his team many years ago when they constructed our pool.  They provided a quality service above and beyond what we anticipated with completion in a timely and efficient manner. Recently the pool sustained damage due to a natural disaster and I contacted...

Danielle Watson

General repairs & maintenance

We cannot speak highly enough of the professionalism the team at Senator Pools showed during the construction of our in ground concrete pool. We stepped out of our comfort zone when we decided to upgrade our swim spa for a designed concrete pool but Mirco, Blake and their team...

Loretta Vaccari

Inground pool installation